Sugou left Asuna prisoner at the top of the nation Forest in ALfheim and you may perform intimately harass their

Sugou left Asuna prisoner at the top of the nation Forest in ALfheim and you may perform intimately harass their

But not, much so you’re able to Kirito’s treat, the guy and you can Asuna didn’t in fact die, understanding they only died in the video game, but not in real-world. Kirito and additionally the majority of other SAO survivors had been awakened and you will have been modifying life back again to the real world, however, Kirito discovered much to help you their heartbreak that Asuna and 300 people got but really so you can wake up even after Blade Art On the web are cleaned. Kirito are devastated to learn out of Asuna’s predicament and enraged he did not manage to assist their. Even after the lady condition, Kirito nevertheless held hope in his cardio she’d for some reason aftermath up, constantly visiting Asuna within healthcare, carrying the woman hands for support. However, Kirito came to learn more incredible news, understanding a couple months afterwards immediately after conquering SAO one to Asuna’s mothers had already install for her so you’re able to marry Sugou Nobuyuki. Sugou quickly shown his true character to Kirito, together with that he plans to wed Asuna on the following the month even though she actually is still for the good coma.

Kirito turned into utterly heartbroken and emerged near to losing complete vow, enjoying he would not do just about anything to aid and you may believed that he is it is browsing treat Asuna in order to Sugou. Recognizing Suguha is great, Kirito regains vow he and you can Asuna could well be with her again and you may just after, he soon receive a lot more incredible information away from Agil, sending him blurry photo of a player which greatly is comparable to Asuna. Conference Agil when you look at the real world, kasidie mod apk the guy informs Kirito you to definitely Asuna could well be caught up inside several other virtual world known given that ALfheim On the internet, Homes of one’s Fairies at the top of the country Tree.

Although not, he was later on recommended and you can confident of the his adoptive sister, Suguha, assuring Kirito to remain strong and not to stop toward the fresh love he and Asuna provides for every single other

On understanding the headlines and you can learning Asuna’s dad’s team works the latest online game, Kirito begins to suspect Sugou was for some reason on it, particularly immediately following his confrontation in relation to Asuna’s emergency, hinting away from him imprisioning the lady. Even if as the photo were blurry they won’t not its show if if the player is actually Asuna. not, interested in frantically in order to get back and be that have Asuna again as well since rescue the girl of having a wedding so you’re able to Sugou, Kirito chooses to just take which opportunity and dives to the ALfheim Online. Kirito finds out himself reunited with Yui and you will suits and you can befriends Leafa, a good Slyph pro. With her the trio first started the go to the nation Tree having Kirito looking to get indeed there before the create wedding occurs ranging from Asuna and you can Sugou throughout the real world. not, not familiar so you can Kirito, Asuna as well as the three hundred comatose people out-of SAO was basically are kept attentive by Sugou Nobuyuki as he is secretly tinkering with their thoughts except for Asuna.

Despite their were not successful attempts, the incredibly good love for both continues to convince them to in the long run feel together with her once more, refusing to stop otherwise give up hope

Asuna attempts to will always be solid and you can wants to possess Kirito to keep the girl, but is clueless if the he lasted just after SAO was cleared. Ultimately, Asuna in the near future became a whole lot more hopeful and you can sure of Kirito saving the girl abreast of reading out of their success, impression great good quantity of pleasure and you will recovery. When you find yourself understanding Kirito manage save your self the lady, Asuna turned even more computed to reunite which have your as well as closing Sugou regarding tinkering with the new seized SAO members. Asuna generated the lady earliest just be sure to totally free herself and you may appeared romantic to thriving and you may Kirito was nearly close to achieving the Most useful worldwide Forest. But not, despite exactly how close they were to reach their needs, both Asuna and you can Kirito unsuccessful inside their earliest tries to return. Fundamentally, Kirito in the end made it to the world Tree at enough time history try reunited with Asuna.

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