Customers Match. Selections for shoppers accommodate within promotion kinds

Customers Match. Selections for shoppers accommodate within promotion kinds

You’ll find more information on Customer fit criteria and eligibility during the The Big G adverts Facilitate Center.

Purchaser accommodate with current email address, address, or cellphone owner ID

For publishers with prosperous CRM listings, you can actually determine and target audience details based around your CRM reports. You could load CRM info in mass, append/remove facts, or use these consumer databases to create a logical_user_list .

These guests lists meet the requirements to provide online bing search, YouTube, Gmail, and so the online Display system.

Per coverage, you may simply be allowed to upload reports which you have bought yourself (fundamental celebration). You are not able to invest in lists from third parties and upload these people inside membership.

For convenience issues, contact information, first manufacturers, and previous companies is hashed with the SHA-256 protocol before getting uploaded. In order to standardize the hash outcomes, before hashing these types of beliefs you have to:

Eliminate leading/trailing whitespaces.

Switch the written text to lowercase.

Clients accommodate with phone number

Similar to Customer Match with email messages, you could do shoppers relevant with names and phone numbers.

For confidentiality problems, the device amount ought to be hashed with the SHA-256 formula before being published. Being standardize information, switch each contact number to E164 formatting before hashing. This formatting signifies an unknown number as quite a lot as much as fifteen numbers long you start with a + notice (e.g. +12125650000, +442070313000).

If the telephone number just isn’t precisely formatted before hashing, the API will nevertheless acknowledge the hashed telephone number, nonetheless contact number are not beaten with a consumer.

Purchaser accommodate with mobile phone IDs

Comparable to customers complement with e-mails, you can execute purchaser complementing using IDFA (Identifier advertising) or AAID (The Big G ads identification document) mobile phone IDs. Keep in mind that mobile device IDs is not in addition to almost every varieties clients records.

Note: you ought to identify the app_id belongings and set upload_key_type to MOBILE_ADVERTISING_ID just before making use of a user number for customer similar with mobile device IDs.

Consumer Match attributes

Starting up in v6 associated with the Bing Ads API, you can get a person fit record that stores the following attributes of their customers:

lifetime_value_micros The advertiser-defined life time advantages for the cellphone owner, stipulated in micros. lifetime_value_bucket a worth between 1 and 10 (comprehensive) that presents the lifetime worth container of consumer, with 10 standing for the top appreciate pail. To get rid of this trait, offer a value of 0 .

So that you can load UserData objects with the qualities, make sure that you make use of an OfflineUserDataJob the spot where the means is determined to CUSTOMER_MATCH_WITH_ATTRIBUTES .

Customer accommodate criteria

As soon as applying clients Match, keep appropriate information in mind:

It will take 6 to 12 days for a list becoming inhabited with people, therefore you’ll more than likely witness an «beginning» status (the yahoo advertisements UI) any time you load to a market record with greater frequency than as soon as every 12 several hours.

The procedure collection for every AddOfflineUserDataJobOperationsRequest can have at most 100,000 factors. If you have to submit significantly more than 100,000 operations for work, submit several requests with the exact same tasks resource_name .

To completely substitute the people in a user record with new members, order the operations in AddOfflineUserDataJobOperationsRequest in this string:

  1. Specify remove_all to true in an OfflineUserDataJobOperation .
  2. For each participant, add a create functions place her UserData in an OfflineUserDataJobOperation .

In case you manage your work, the online Ads API will very first draw all current members of the list for elimination, then use the create activity.

For comfort functions, an individual number sizing will demonstrate as zero up until the list has actually at any rate 1,000 users. Afterward, the scale is curved with the two biggest digits.

Add at the least 5,000 people to the identify to ensure advertising get started on providing.

A crm_based_user_list can only get mixed with another crm_based_user_list when utilizing a logical_user_list . All other guidelines for crm_based_user_list will apply at the end result customer number.

In the event that you attempt to setup many tasks with the exact same external_id , the consult will fail with an EXTERNAL_UPDATE_ID_ALREADY_EXISTS error.

Except as otherwise took note, this article with this page try trained in the innovative Commons Attribution 4.0 certificate, and signal trials include approved within the Apache 2.0 licenses. For specifics, see the yahoo programmers website plans. Java are a registered marker of Oracle and/or their partners.

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